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Change is the only constant” is a popular refrain. In the increasingly global-ized and rapidly changing world, it is a non-stop demand by end-users for new “features and functions” resulting in a race to either stay ahead of competition or at-least catch up by adopting and embracing new technologies. Constant innovation in products and services is an important marketing strategy to dif-ferentiate or be equal and is as important as sales or operations or service functions.

Are you facing any of the below difficulties?

  • I do not have a full-fledged in-house R&D team for translating my innovative new ideas into products. Cannot afford higher fixed costs.
  • My existing R&D team does not have specific technical / domain expertise needed to develop this.
  • Multiple engineering skills and knowhow is required for total end-to-end solution i.e. mechanical, electronics, firmware, network, wireless, software etc. Our team is not so diverse.
  • My existing R&D team does not have bandwidth available… we need to get faster to the market.
  • My development costs are higher in my company / location. I need a low cost alternative without compromising onconfidentiality or quality.
  • I am anOEM equipment manufacturer wanting to develop a product that adds value to my equipment, but that is not my core expertise or busi-ness. I need a partner to develop this.

LCS Controls can assist and serve you here.

  • We have nearly two decades of expertise in developing a wide range of products, especially in the field of indus-trial weighing and allied automation (Please review our company catalog)
  • We have served several customers (incl multi-nationals) in developing customer specific products successfully prototyping them and finally deploying on field.
  • Partner in full-cycle of all development phases: concept - conceiving a “baby”, collecting VOCs, requirement analysis, design, prototyping, alpha and best testing field deployment trials.
  • We also provide long term manufacturing, supply and after sales services of mutually agreed scope..

Diverse expertise under one roof

This is only a brief list. For specifics and other enquiries, please contact us.

Sensing & control  Machine  Embedded platform  Computer  Drivers 
Load cell Electrical solenoid, actuator, stepper/servo motors  Assembly OS: windows,wincee, linus  RS232C,rS485
Encoder input Mechanical gates,cam, bearings  ST7 C CROSS Computer Network:TCP/IP FTP USB, firewall bluetooth  USB
Pulse I/O Pneumatic cylinders  Frankiln / KEIL 8051C CompilerT  Internet IIS,JAVA,ASP,PHP IEEE488
Linear scale Hydraulic actuators RTOSVxworks ,QNX Nucleus,LCS lad  C,C++,VB SQL,MYSQL,NET Bluetooth
Ultrasonic ETS,Win CE Wifi Interface
Camer Image XP embedded, embedded linux  GPS
Accelerometer  GPRS
Proximity CANBUS
Digital and analog I/O RTD,TC /CJC  PROFIBUS

Process / business model highlights

  • Non-disclosure agreements as applicable
  • Funding options: By customer or LCS or joint or beneficiary industries, associa-tions, government bodies etc as appropriate
  • Intellectual Property (IP), Copyright, Trademark considerations
  • Product branding: LCS, customer, joint
  • Government regulatory and other certifications
  • Requirements analysis, VOCs, functional design, phased approvals, auditing and inspection
  • Version Control and Change Management

Why customers prefer LCS

Because, we are

  • Mining and construction (Payload onboard weighing with GPRS)
  • Universal Testing Machines: strength test-ing, CLH for various industries
  • FMCG (smart counting machines, bagging, batching, check weighing, machine vision systems)
  • Logistics: Container / cargo weighing automation
  • Gym and physical fitness (workout statistics for members)
  • Army, Police, Private Security (Recruitment scales: Height, Weight, Chest Measurement)
  • LPG cylinder weight scale
  • Spring testing machines
  • Coin Operated BMI Height Weight Scale with SMS
  • Bike controller
  • Solar light controller
  • Universal weight indicator and Universal controller for variety of applications
  • Custom load cells
  • Touch screen based controller
Office: +91-44-2454 2510
Endline automation: +919445062898
Bagging and Batching: +91-94440 24125
Indicators & controllers, BMI: +91-94440 24124
Onboard weighing: +91-9600166447
Weekdays : 9.30am - 5.30pm

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