AWEW - 2000 (PC)

Technical Specification                                          

Specification Description
Indicator Power
Power Supply 24 VDC (12-32 VDC)
Controller 8-bit PIC Controller
A/D Converter
Type 24-bit Delta Sigma
Analogue Input Range 0.2mV to 25 mV
Linearity <0.02% FS
Gain Drifting 128 (Fixed)
Display & Keypads
Display Accuracy 1/30,000
Display 6 Digit 0.56” inch Red Color 7 Segment LED Display & 2 x 16 LCD Display
Calibration & Weighing
Calibration By test weights
Weighing Functions Auto Zero, Power On Tare
Inputs& Outputs
Input Load cell
Serial Ports

Two RS232 ports, One port with USB

Connectors R/A pluggable terminal connectors
Digital Output 6 Digital input (3 Potential free relay output with 24 V / 0.5A & 3 Open collector Output (100 mA))
Digital Inputs 4 Digital input with low logic
Load cells
Excitation 5 VDC
Load cells Drives 4 Load cells of 350 Ω
Mechanical Data
AWEW-2000 Indicator‟s Cabinet Size  62 x 194 x 98 mm
Operating Temperature -10◦C to 40◦C
Storage Temperature -25◦C to 70◦C
Relative Humidity 90% R.H without dew
IP Level Front panel IP 55