Static Check Weigher System (Offline Check weigher system)

Very much suitable and Economy range Offline Check weigher system for FMCG on the packing line (Eg. Carton box with a maximum line speed up to 8 samples per minute).It can be installed after | prior tapping machine (or) after Strapping machine.

  • Model: SWS,
  • Offline check weigher speed: 8 PPM,
  • Weight measurement Upto 30 Kg,
  • Industries: FMCG’s, like Food, Pharma, Baby Care, Oil Industry &Etc.


Property SWS-01 SWS-Retrofit AW-SWSDR
Model Standalone Model: Static Check weigher System Retrofit Model- Static Check Weigher system (can be integrated with Tapping Machines / Strapping machines) Standalone Model: Auto Static Check weigher System
Max Capacity 50 Kg 50 Kg 30 Kg
Min Weight to Check 100 gm 100 gm 100 gm
Conveyor Size L: 600 mm x W: 600 mm L: 600 mm x W: 600 mm L: 600 mm x W: 400 mm
Roller Gravity Rollers Gravity Rollers Powered Roller Conveyor
Min Product Size L : 150mm x W : 150mm L : 150mm x W : 150mm L : 150mm x W : 150mm
Max Product Size L :600mm x W : 600mm L :600mm x W : 600mm L :600mm x W : 400mm
Max Speed 8 PPM 8 PPM 10 PPM
Accuracy +/- 10gm +/- 10 gm +/- 10 gm
Type of Rejection Alarm / Buzzer / Stopper / Tilting with Pusher / External Pusher Alarm / Buzzer / Stopper Alarm / Buzzer / Stopper / Integrated / Stand Alone Rejection
GA Drawing
Demo Video