High Speed ADC is controlled by 8-bit PIC microcontroller to accurately measure the load and for rapid acquisition of data. The Indicator is user friendly, easy to calibrate and menu driven.

WT-HS (Weight Transmitter-Highspeed) 

Technical Specification                                          

Specification Description
Indicator Power
Power Supply 24V DC Supply
Controller 8-bit PIC Controller
A/D Converter
Type 24-bit Delta Sigma
Analogue Input Range 0.2mV to 25 mV
Linearity <0.02% FS
Gain Drifting 2PPM/◦C
Conversion Rate 12.5 SPS
Display & Keypads
Display Accuracy 1/30,000
LED Display 5 digits 7 Segment LED Display
Keypads 4 Keys, Menu/Esc Key, Enter Key, Up Key and Left Key.
Calibration & Weighing
Calibration By test weights
Weighing Functions Auto Zero, Tare En / Dis
Inputs& Outputs
Input Load cell
Serial Ports

Two RS232 ports, One port with USB

Connectors R/A pluggable terminal connectors
Digital Output 6 Digital input (3 Potential free relay output with 24 V / 0.5A & 3 Open collector Output (100 mA))
Digital Inputs 4 Digital input with low logic
Load cells
Excitation 5 VDC
Load cells Alloy Steel Single Point
Mechanical Data
Indicator‟s Cabinet Size 110mm (L)*48mm (H)*96mm (W)
Panel Cutout Details 110mm (L)*48mm (H)*96mm (W)
Net Weight 200gm
Operating Temperature -10◦C to 40◦C
Storage Temperature -25◦C to 70◦C
Relative Humidity 90% R.H without dew
IP Level Front panel IP 55

Input Functions

S. No. Function Description Type
1. START To START the input batch will be started Pulse
2. STOP To STOP, if stop input will be given batch will be aborted Pulse
3. TARE To TARE the input current weight is 0. Pulse
4. AUTO/MANUAL TO AUTO/MANUAL the input manual mode to change auto mode Level