Dump trucks are used in mining & construction sector. Load measuring system(LMS) is a production monitoring tool designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the dump truck. The LMS is used to collect payload data for safer loading practices and the speed of travel to monitor the efficiency of production.

Benefits of installing LMS for dump truck are:

  • Live monitoring of weight of truck during loading & regulate payload
  • To avoid trips to weighbridge to check weight and return if already overload.
  • To eliminate time&money wasted on back & forth trips to weight bridge
  • To avoid overloading and unsafe trips
  • Avoid penalty and offence records for overload
  • To ensure all trips are legal with maximum trip efficiency

Our Uniqueness & What we do, While other onboard weighing systems operate merely as a scale (showing current weight alone), LCS system gives complete truck data e.g. detailed trip info, speed, distance, truck productivity metric ton/hour, ton/km, etc. We do this by taking other signals from truck e.g. speed, parking, neutral status, etc and algorithms processing them.

The LMS for dump truck consist of two range of products namely Payload III & Payload-DT

Payload III


Payload III measures & displays load data for each trip. Features of the system are:

  • Load data for individual trips
  • Date & time of each trip
  • Number of overloads of the vehicle
  • Report download through USB port



Payload-DT measures & displays load for each trip along with the time taken for each trip. The features of the system are:

  • Loading, hauling, Dumping, return and stop time for each trip
  • Maximum speed and average speed, distance travelled and fault information with time for the loaded and empty vehicle
  • PC Software to download the report (3000 trips storage)
  • Number of overloads of the vehicle