Trucks are majorly used in mining,construction,steel plant, transportation &blue metal industries. The need for knowing the weight of payload by an onboard weighing system are

  • Live monitoring of weight of truck during loading & regulate payload
  • To avoid trips to weighbridge to check weight and return if already overload.
  • To eliminate time&money wasted on back & forth trips to weight bridge
  • To avoid overloading and unsafe trips
  • Avoid penalty and offence records for overload
  • To ensure all trips are legal with maximum trip efficiency

Type Of Technology

  • Load Cell
  • Mechanical Sensor

Load Cell

The axle sensor is mounted on axle of a vehicle to measure its deflection. The sensor is an electromechanical device used to convert mechanical motion or vibrations, specifically rectilinear motion, into a variable electrical current, voltage or electric signals, and the reverse. This voltage difference will be directly proportional to the load applied.

Mechanical Sensor

Mechanical sensor also known as acoustic gauge measures force(mechanical load) using a wire that vibrates at a high frequency. The applied external force changes the tension on the wire, this changes the frequency. The frequency is measuredand indicates the amount of force on the sensor. The load sensor has an integrated electronic system to both activate the sensor as well as to read the frequency. The change in frequency is directly proportional to the load applied on the sensor. This sensor can be calibrated to zero and later be enabled to measure the load. It is an effective solution where small strains or displacement needs to be recorded. The apparatus is capable of recording strains down to 1 micro strain. Advantages of this type of gauge include long term stability, ease of attachment to almost any material and surface, and subsequent recording of results

Range Of Products

Payload-T The system is used to measure, record & display the weight during tipping of the load carrier.
Payload-FBT The system is used to measure, record & display the weight during loading of the load carrier.

Features of the system are:

  • Load data for individual trips
  • Date & time of each trip
  • Number of overloads of the vehicle
  • Number of overloads of the vehicle
  • Report download through USB port

Types of truck and its Load Monitoring System(LMS)

Type of truck LMS
Tipper Payload-T
Fixed body truck Payload-FBT
Tractor trailer Payload-FBT