Wrong cartons used ?
Mfg, expiry data not legible?
Wrong pattern matching?
OCR & Bar code inspection
Container OCR?
Tablet Validation System

Vizcheck Models


Above are some common problems in packing industries causing customer complaints,delays,freight losses etc.
Most sensors can only give analog values and digital status signals i.e. weight, proximity etc and cannot easily detect above issues.

Key Factor

  • Installed in packing line conveyor systems
  • powered by a hign speed camera and a varsatile software
  • Dynamically decodes and detects
  • Barcode labels
  • Ocr readable text e.g. batch ID, mrg / expiry data
  • Color codes
  • Pattern changes (e.g. deformation, missing product etc)
  • Touch screen computer (local field display)
  • Tower lamps (GREEN, RED)
  • Rejection output and mechanisms ( similar to our online check weigher)
  • report generation and diagnostics