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The Seed


Life is a sport played in the field of space and time. We are happy to share the story about the origins of our company.

As destiny would have it, in mid 1980’s, two young engineers, fresh from college, one from instrumentation and another from electronics discipline, were both working for an instrument company in Roorkee, Uttar Pradesh of North India. From their casual acquaintance, they learnt both were from the same province i.e. Tamilnadu, South India, and they also graduated from the same college, esteemed Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai.

Managing Directors

H.S. Abdul Majeeth and S. Gowri Shankar


Their first contact grew steadily into a close friendship. They shared lot of blissful moments together, exploring the wonderful science of instrumentation and electronics sipping hot “chai” (tea) in cold winter of Roorkee. This was the period, the old sensing and control principles e.g. pneumatics were giving way to the advent of new technologies. They realized there was a natural chemistry in their relationship; their skills and talents complementing each other too.

One fine day, they both shared a strong urge, a dream of starting their own enterprise someday, somewhere, that gives them the liberty and freedom to express their creativity and prowess. Perhaps, the seeds were sowed on that day for our company, LCS Controls Pvt Ltd, which germinated several years later. For any new life to be born, a desire in heart is a primary requirement, is it not?


H.S. Abdul Majeeth (B.Sc., B.Tech, Electronics 1983, Madras Institute of Technology) served in IndChem Instrumentation Ltd, Chennai designing weighing and allied solutions e.g. weigh feeder, wagon tipper, ultrasonic level, weigh bridges etc. He also coordinated knowledge transfer from Kistler Morse, USA. Later he served as Head, R&D, in Sanmar Weighing, Chennai.

From small beginnings, come great things

Both friends were back in Chennai. It was also a period heralding digital age, micro-processors computers in all walks of life. Gowri Shankar borrowed a personal loan of Rs.40, 000/- from his grandfather, bought their first computer i.e. PC-XT, got permission from his father to share his working table and room. He, along with his younger brother, started learning programming languages and to repay the loan, started teaching close friends and relatives in that small room.

In the meanwhile, Majeeth and Gowri Shankar were getting together to design and create a few electronic devices e.g. RS232 to 485 converters, signal conditioners, digital and analog I/O data acquisition boards etc, spending their personal time and money like anyone on their favorite hobbies.

Very soon, propelled by their innovation and enterprise spirit, they both resigned from their jobs, and incorporated LCS Controls Pvt. Ltd in the year 1995 to serve in the field of weighing and allied automation.

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